A universal design tool for mixed use buildings Elise Copeland, Auckland Design Manual

In partnership with the Universal Design Forum, which comprises a range of local government and disability advocacy organisations, the Universal Design Tool and the Universal Design Hub of the Auckland Design Manual has been developed. Universal design aims to create places and spaces that are inclusive for all people. The Universal Design Tool is a world first website that takes people through a universal design approach for mixed use buildings. While it is widely acknowledged that accessibility of the built environment is improved through legislation, universal design may be better promoted through inspiration. The Universal Design Tool aims to accomplish this by providing an image bank designed to inspire architects, designers, property developers and builders to incorporate universal design into their next project. This presentation will showcase the Tool which provides practical design solutions illustrated with diagrams, real life examples and checklists. It is a free resource showcasing good universal design outcomes for public buildings and mixed use developments. This includes two sections specifically dedicated to universal design in a residential context. The Tool aims to support the delivery of a human centred design approach taking into consideration a wide range of abilities, life stages and overall context of the development. The images are freely downloadable and can be used to inspire and advocate for better building design.